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Looking ahead to PandaFest 2022, we can't wait to hear more from PandaFest regular Bailey Tomkinson. With the her newly released EP 'California Fire' playing on repeat, we took a look back at last year's festival when she stole the show on our Main Stage.

It’s been a pretty special day here already at PandaFest 2021, we’ve had some absolutely fantastic acts playing so far. We’ve just had Bailey Tomkinson and her band performing on the Main Stage - we’re delighted now to have Bailey and Jordan (Guitar, Vocals) to talk to us about their experience so far...

Bailey doing her thing on the Main Stage - 2021

Bailey Tominkson - Guitar, Keys, Lead Vocals / Jake Butler - Bass & Vocals

Thanks a lot for making the time for us guys. So tell us about touring so far, you've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks and months haven’t you.

Bailey: Yeah it's just been an amazing summer. We've done Boardmasters, Rock Oyster, Great Estate. Done lots of shows as well. And of course PandaFest .We’ve just been, really, two shows a week at least. It's been fantastic.

And I think you're actually one of the few bands to safely come out of Boardmasters without Covid, is that correct?

Bailey: No

Oh haha, okay sorry. I had talked to Daisy Clark earlier and it was all a bit of a disaster.

So Bailey, putting you on the spot a bit here but who has been your favourite act so far today?

Jordan: Yeah, better let her answer that one

Bailey: So far today? There's been lots of fantastic acts so far. Well I'm really good friends with Daisy Clark, so it's great to see her play, I only got to see a bit of her set though, because of our soundcheck. But everyone really! FARE was really good and The Velvet Hands and The Ultra Violets, Sam Richardson too. Everyone.

Jordan: It’s hard to choose really, because most of them are our friends, so they might get a bit pissed off

Now, talking about friendships - I thought I was there when you guys first met. But apparently that's not true, you first met at a PandaFest is that right?

Bailey: Yeah, so we met at PandaFest two years ago. And I was playing and then we did a warm up for the HonkyTonk at The Old Bakery, and that's when we started talking.


"You've got the amazing music scene, you've got the surf and the style. "

I want you to tell me a little bit about Kernowfornia, we’re hearing a lot about it, could you describe to me what it's all about?

Bailey: So Kernowfornia is a bit like that California cool, but in Cornwall. You've got the amazing music scene, you've got the surf and the style.

It seems to me that you've fallen right into the intersection of that music and style as well.

I know that you do a lot of modelling, how's that going for you? Got any new things lined up?

Bailey: I've been doing some really cool stuff recently, Roxy sent me some stuff recently which is awesome, because theyre a brand I love. This summer and last summer I've worked with people like Levis and DC shoes. Because I'm signed with Select Models I’m on their roster, so I get some amazing opportunities through them. It's a lot of fun, it's great. Alongside my music it ties in really well.

I believe you were up in Blackpool recently, is that right?

Bailey: Yeah we had a show at the Winter Gardens for the British country music festival, and it was a really cool venue. I've been there before actually, doing a cheer leading competition when I was about nine.

What about forthcoming tours, and other gigs coming up?

Bailey: We've got a lot of shows coming up. I’m going on a small UK tour next year as well. I’m doing that solo but we’ll have a few full band dates in there too. We've got lots of band shows coming up - we've got at some point an Old Bakery show. There's a few I can't announce yet, but lots of exciting things.

Bailey Tominkson - Guitar, Keys, Lead Vocals / Jacob Turner - Drums

We’ve got a man here called Ivor from BBA media. They’ve generously donated the use of this media van - and one of the things they are proudly promoting is their ‘Take-a-Tree’ program, which is helping to offset carbon use. So Ivor would like to present this tree to you.

Jordan: Very on brand, I like it.

Ivor: You can do whatever you like with it, please feel free. You can plant it right there between your feet if you want.

Jordan: Well, I'll have a chat with the land owner, see if we can get it planted. Maybe over there, we can get a little forest going. Thanks, wicked

A couple of quick fire questions now

Dolly or Tammy?

J: Dolly

B: I don't know, I don't listen to either of them that often, maybe Tammy. Actually maybe Dolly

Who’s your favourite James Bond?

B: Who's the guy that was in Mamma Mia?

J: Pierce Brosnan, I grew up watching him - and most recently Daniel Craig of course

B: I'll say Pierce Brosnan, because I think he's cuter.

All the bands have been answering this one, we’ve had a lot of debate around it.

Peppa Pig or Pingu?

J: Pingu, obviously Pingu

B: Pingu is funnier

Postcodes… Tr or PL

J: Well, I'm PL

B: I’m TR

You’re fave ABBA tune?

B: I like them all, Super Trooper, I love Dancing Queen,

The Winner Takes it All is my karaoke go to.

J: Mate, you have no idea, every morning. Every morning, Abba. Non stop.

Well thank you very much guys,

J: Can I just say thank you to everyone involved with the festival. I’m not gonna start reeling off names, but, thanks very much - could not have done it without you.

You can find out more about Bailey's upcoming gigs and shows on her website.

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