The Rezner's final interview?

It's time to share the sad news that PandaFest regulars, The Rezner have decided to part ways. Following their final headline gig at Camden Rocks Festival, we decided to take a look back to when they rocked the Jungle Stage at PandaFest 2021...

The Rezner going in hard at The Jungle Stage - 2021

Sam - guitar & vocals / Red - guitar & vocals / Liam - bass / Zè - drums

We’re joined backstage by the indie garage rock sensations, The Rezner.

And have also been joined by punk rabble-rousers The Velvet Hands.

Now Sam, we just heard The Velvet Hands on the main stage, they set the bar pretty high didn’t they?

TR: Yeah, they did, they were amazing

I always wonder, is it better to go on later or on the bigger stage?

TR: Well, I think that not only is it better to go on later than on a bigger stage, but I think also, what we’ve got is the uh , we’ve got the bar right next to our stage - so we don’t need to advertise, everyone’s going to be there anyway

Welcome back to Cornwall all of you, when are you heading back on up to that London?

TR: I'm heading off tomorrow.

TVH: Me too, tomorrow

TR: What train you on? 11 o clock?

TVH: Nah 5pm

"Basically all we did was copy
The Velvet Hands"

Some of you are only recent migrants to London, you moved there fairly recently. How are you finding it?

TR: Well, I’ve dyed my hair blonde and I’ve got a mullet now

TVH: So it’s going well

TR: It’s going swimmingly well

Sounds like it. Sam, how you getting on up there?

TR: I’m having a great time. Its going well, I moved up before the rest of these guys, so I really opened the door for them

The trailblazer

TR: Basically all we did was copy The Velvet Hands. We thought, ooh they’ve moved to London.

TR: Ooh, they’re in Camden

TVH: They even drink in the same pub as us now, but I’ve never seen them make it to the end of the night. I’ve never seen The Rezner past 11 pm

TR: You’re one to talk. The other night! I’ve hardly seen you in there

For any one who wants to see the sight of a comatose The Rezner, what pub are we talking about?

TR: The Horley Arms

The Velvet Hands playing The Main Stage

Toby - vocals & guitar / Dan - vocals & guitar / Louis - vocals & drums / Sam - bass

Alright, now then, I believe Velvet Hands, you’ve got some new stuff on the way…

TVH: We do, we recorded seven - we’ve got seven tracks yeah

Where have you been recording?

TVH: At the cube - somewhere near chivvy roundabout

TVH: Yeah so we’ve got seven, I think we’re gonna do four or five more. We’ll probably do an album, not confirmed, but ninety percent sure. We were gonna do an EP but should have an album coming out in 2022

Brilliant! Okay, what about The Rezner? What do we have to look forward to from you?

TR: Well, umm, we can’t say the exact date right now, but we should have a new single coming out. Then after that we wanna look at getting another two out

TR: We are looking at doing a little tour around the UK

"Today at PandaFest has been my favourite gig actually "


Talking of gigs, and getting back into the gig circuit; how have you found that after lock-down?

TR: I’ve loved it - we haven’t done a proper tour back yet, but we’re playing our fifth gig I think. We did a headline at the old bakery last week. There was a lost of moshing.

And then this today at PandaFest has been my favourite gig actually - I just had a lot of fun.

You’ve all played a variety of cities. Out of all the cities, which would you say is the ‘Moshiest’ you’ve ever played at?

TR: Truro is pretty moshy

TVH: Truro! Plymouth

TR: Plymouth, they love it

TVH: I’m gonna say Oxford

TVH: Yeah no, Oxford was probably the most wild. At The Jericho Tavern, We got put on the bill there with a band called Fat Lava

So Oxford set the bar pretty high in terms of being mental?

TVH: Yeah, the actual venue is a real iconic venue - I think supergrass and Radiohead started around there.

TR: You boys played with us at our last London gig in Shoreditch, that was mad - Liverpool is always mad too.

A couple of quick fire questions now

Fender or Gibson?

TVH: Fender

TR: Fender

TR: Gibson

What's the best combo amp to go with a Fender?

TR: Blues Deluxe - but both of ours are broken

London or Manchester?

TVH: London

TR: Sorry Manchester - We played twice in Manchester to no one, so has to be London

Strokes or Idles

TR: Strokes

TR: Strokes

TVH: Strokes

TR: I would be more Idles

What do you like about Idles?

TR: Well y’know it seems to be really cool and hip to like the strokes so…

TVH: Cool and hip? You’ve got a mullet

Pixies or Nirvana?

TVH: Pixies

TVH: Pixies

TR: Nirvana

TR: There would be no Nirvana without Pixies. They’re almost like an English band, that's how good they are

Bob Villain or Sleaford Mods?

TVH: I haven’t listened to Bob Villain yet

TR: He’s an angry guy

Should you ever fight a man with a perm?

TR: Yes

TVH: Yes

The Velvet Hands, which is your favourite Rezner song?

TVH: Mickey

TVH: Definitely Mickey

Sam from The Rezner, what is your fave VH song?

TR: I would probably say Habit off their first album - I’m not even joking, I mean they hate it, but honestly I like it, I think its a great song. I think everyone should listen to Habit and who cares

Red, your fave VH song?

TR: Sam stole my answer. But I’ll go for Give Me Some Time - because that is an absolute - kudos to the boys. The music video is great too

Thank you very much to The Rezner and The Velvet Hands for hanging around for a quick chat with us at PandaFest 2021. We wish The Rezner a fond farewell and thank them for their contribution toward PandaFest throughout the years,

they will be missed.

You can check out The Rezner's tunes on Spotify and Apple Music, or check out their website

The Velvet Hands next gig is June 16th 2022 at The Social, London. Tickets now on sale

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