The Ultra Violets

We caught up with The Ultra Violets for an exclusive interview at PandaFest 2021 - Find out about their favourite tracks to perform and which member of the band would look best in a pork pie hat...

Perran Nicholls - Vocals and Guitar / Marc Willoughby - Guitar and Vocals /

Stuart Morrell - Keys and Vocals / Adam Knuckey - Bass / Finn Hellier - Drums


" I lost my way that year, mentally, physically and emotionally"


I noticed you finished on Watergate bay, what a track, here’s a question for you - did you find love on Watergate bay?

I’m gonna spoil it now aren’t I, if I tell you the truth.

Go on, tell us the truth

No. Is the short answer. I asked my missus to marry me there, on the beach. But I did that after I wrote the song. So, the song came first and it wasn’t true, but y’know, I made it true by going there and doing it all a year later.

Do you think the power of the song tipped the answer a little bit?

Oh, yeah no, one hundred percent.

What about losing your way there? Did you lose your way there as well?

Yeah, two thousand and fifteen, was a bad year man


Yeah, that’s when I wrote it. I lost my way that year, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Well, that’s not great. Great now because you’ve got inspiration for a corker of a track.

Let’s move on - because you guys recently played a pretty big gig, is that right?

Yeah, there was about seven thousand people there

Okay then! Do you think this is going to ruin you for pub gigs now?

Oh man, we haven't done them for about two or three years now - we usually go there for the beer

Hopefully this is going to be the start of the big time for you guys. You’ve definitely been working long and hard towards it haven't you?

Yeah, absolutely

Tell us, have you got any new tracks on the horizon?

Yeah, yeah, loads man. We played two tonight.

'You Don’t Know What I’m Feeling’ and ‘Want It All’ were the new tracks in this set anyway.

But yeah, I don’t know what the next single is yet - but we’re gonna ride ‘Watergate Bay’ until the death y’know. Ride the waves

Absolutely, why not? Tell me, what’s your favourite Ultra Violets track at the moment?

I love ‘Peach’ I think, because..

It’s about your bum… apparently

Uh yeah? It’s full bodied, it’s melodic - and it’s got a nice little duet, harmony thing near the end. And I love that.

The keys and the guitar, It’s like strawberries and cream.



"it’s like you’ve been to the church of The Ultra Violets"


Stu, I’ve not met you before - you are the keyboard maestro - Tell me which is your favourite track for keyboards?

I am the keys player. My favourite track is probably ‘Lucy’ which we opened with, because it’s big, sort of has these gospel-y chords. It makes it big, it’s like you’ve been to the church of The Ultra Violets. It’s a big old way to kick off the show.

Thanks Stu, sweet hat mate too


As the maestro of hats

, if you had to recommend a style of hat for each of the other members of the band, what would they be?

Finn the drummer could do with a bucket hat. I reckon Adam could go with a trilby - actually Adam is pork pie hat, and Perran you can have a baseball cap

A couple of quick fire questions now

Beatles or Stones?

Beatles man - They are the dictionary of music, they are music.

Hey, what about the stones? I just love that they’re still going, they’re in their eighties.

John Lennon is still going, I’ve got a tattoo of him on my arm, right there.

And Paul McCartney when he was sixty eight played like a three hour set

Postcodes, PL or TR?

TR man, TR

Anywhere in Cornwall is great

Pingu or Peppa Pig?

It used to be Pingu, but Peppa for me now

I’m gonna stick with Pingu, I grew up with Pingu

London or Manchester?




Fender or Gibson

Gibson, no, Fender

Beer or Cider

Cider, I just love the flavour




Live or Recorded

Hmm that's difficult - live last week, at the Eden Project, and live today because it’s beautiful.

I’m gonna say live, live is the feeling man.

Thank you so much to The Ultra Violets, wishing you all the best with your continued endeavours.

Their single ‘Watergate bay’ is now available to download and stream online here

Check out their website here

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