This information is to help you adequately prepare for attending the festival.

Get familiar with dates and hours, policies regarding appropriate behaviour, and what you are allowed to bring into the festival grounds. Carefully read through the information and get in touch if you have any additional questions about the event.

How many days/nights can I camp for?
The camping, camper-van, caravan/motorhome ticket add-ons grant the holder access to the camping fields for both days and evenings of the festival, Friday 8th & Saturday 9th July. The camping fields will open from 1000 hrs on Friday 8th. We advise getting there early to give yourself plenty of time to secure and pitch your tent or site your camper-van, caravan/motorhome before the festival arena opens. The festival arena opens at 1200 hrs on Friday 8th and at 1000 hrs on Saturday 9th. You will be required to vacate the site by 1200 hrs on Sunday 10th July. Please be sure to take your tent and all your belongings home with you. Ensure that your waste is disposed of in the bins provided.

What size is a general camping pitch?
They are 7m by 5m for tents and 7m by 8m for camper-vans, caravans/motorhomes. Your tent, camper-van or caravan/motorhome will need to fit within your designated pitch.

Can I park my car next to my tent?
No, please use the designated car park facility.

Can I make a barbecue next to my tent?

Does every person staying in our camper-van/caravan need a festival ticket?
Yes. No one will be allowed into the camper-van, motorhome/caravan fields without a Festival ticket.

Will there be the relevant facilities if I bring my own chemical toilet?
No. There will NOT be a facility for disposing of waste from a chemical toilet. There will be toilets provided in both camping, camper-van and caravan/motorhome fields for you to use.

What counts as a live-in vehicle?
Your camper-van, caravan/motorhome MUST have purpose-built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities. Any converted vehicles must clearly be live-in vehicles.

What facilities are provided in the camper-van/caravan fields?
Water and toilets. The fields are patrolled by security staff.

Will there be facilities to dispose of Grey Water Waste?
No, there will be NO disposal point for grey water.

Is electricity available?
There is no electricity provided for field users. No electrical hookups for camper-vans or caravans/motorhomes.

How are pitches allocated?
General camping and camper-van, caravan/motorhome pitches will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Can our group of friends have pitches next to each other as a group?
Sorry, we cannot reserve camping pitches, so if you wish to pitch next to each other, you will need to arrive together.

How far is it from the camping site to the Festival?
The camping field is directly adjacent to the festival site and estimated walking time is 5 minutes maximum.

Can my car be kept beside my caravan/motorhome in the camping fields?
Yes, there is space for one car to be parked beside or in front of your caravan/motorhome. However, any other member of your party arriving separately by car will need to purchase a car parking ticket.

If I am travelling in a separate vehicle to the caravan, camper-van/motorhome can I park in the camping fields?
There is space for one towing vehicle to be parked beside or in front of caravans/motorhomes only.

Can I pitch a tent beside my caravan, camper-van/motorhome?
No. You will not be allowed to camp beside camper-vans, caravan/motorhomes or cars.

Can I bring my trailer tent?
Yes, as long as it is a purpose-built, manufacturer-made trailer tent. You will need to purchase a campervan, caravan/motorhome pass.

Can I bring a Winnebago or an extra large caravan?
Yes. However, the maximum length of a caravan or motorhome is 8 metres.

Will I be able to put up an awning? Can I sleep under the awning?
No. Space is limited and unfortunately no awnings or gazebos will be permitted.

How will I know where to place my campervan, caravan/motorhome, towing car or tent in the field?
Stewards will be on hand in the camping fields to advise on siting vehicles and designating pitches. It is not possible to reserve a specific area – space is allocated on a first come first served basis. Caravans, their towing cars and camper-vans will be parked in rows, with a 4 metre fire road between the rows. Each pitch will be 7 metres wide by 8 metres long.

Can I bring a generator?
No. Absolutely no generators are to be brought on site.

Can I bring glass bottles with me in my camper-van/caravan?
Glass is not permitted anywhere on the festival site. The usual Festival confiscations policy applies to camper-vans and caravans/motorhomes. The security staff will also check for any other items not permitted on site, as specified in the terms and conditions on weekend tickets. Security staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site. Domestic items that will stay within the camper van are unlikely to be confiscated, however we would advise not to bring anything valuable just in case. The decision of the security team will be final.

Can I bring a barbecue to the campsite?
You cannot use barbecues in the campsite but we will have a designated barbecue area which you can go to. Visitors are permitted to bring purpose built BBQs or small gas camping stoves. No disposable BBQs and no open fires in the festival site or campsite. Disposable BBQs will be confiscated.

How much camping gas can I bring?
You can bring a 220g camping gas canister and one spare. For caravans/campervans you can bring one spare gas canister the size that your vehicle holds

Can I leave my rubbish in the campsite?
We separate and manage recyclable waste offsite. We ask you very kindly to respect our land by making sure you put rubbish in the ample bins provided. We operate a ‘leave no trace’ policy and we will be increasing the provision of bins